"Expire Submissions" is now false by default (for new templates)

The default value for the “Expire Submissions” template setting has been changed to “false”. In other words, the default setting is that we will now store all submission data and generated PDFs indefinitely.

When you create a new template, you must now opt-in if you want FormAPI to delete your submission data and generated PDFs after a certain period of time. You can opt-in by checking the box next to “Expire Submissions”, and then configuring the expiration interval (24 hours, 7 days, etc.) You can also expire a submission immediately by making an API request.

NOTE: This change will only affect new templates.

The current value of the “Expire Submissions” setting has been preserved for all existing templates. If you haven’t changed this setting before, then the default behavior was to delete all submission data and generated PDFs after 7 days.

If you were not previously aware of this default expiration behavior, please contact support@formapi.io. We would be happy to regenerate any of your previous PDFs at no cost.