DocSpring updates
DocSpring updates

AWS S3 Integration Can Now Upload Test PDFs





DocSpring has an integration with AWS S3. If you set up this integration, we can automatically upload any generated PDFs directly into your own S3 bucket.

In previous versions, the AWS S3 integration would only upload PDFs for live submissions, and we would ignore any test PDFs.

It is now possible to upload test PDFs to your S3 bucket. You can choose one of the following options when setting up your integration:

  • Only Live Submissions
  • Only Test Submissions
  • Both Live and Test Submissions

Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 9.31.33 PM.png

You can set up multiple AWS integrations if you would like to use different S3 buckets for test and live submissions.

If you are already using the AWS S3 integration, your integration has been set to "Only Live Submissions". Your integration will continue to function the same way as before unless you change the "Submission Type" setting.

Thanks for using DocSpring! Please let us know if you have any feature or integration requests: